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These samples show concepts that were truly "out of the box". in terms of content as well as execution.
A designers ability for creativity is not just in content or design. Creativity is also in finding solutions to problems like time, budgets, and other limitations.
Silent partner is one of my favorite concepts. Iconixx approached me for some graphics and advertising collateral for a trade show booth. After some brainstorming sessions with their marketing team, research into their competitor's products and marketing angles, I came up with a winner. Iconixx specialized in providing services like HR, Tech, and Web Dev to small businesses.  "Behind the Scenes" was not only a quick and memorable tag line, but we pushed it further to a fun Mafia theme. Also capitalizing on the current success of the hit TV show, Sopranos, the mafia theme was fun and different. Something that would have made Iconixx stand out head and shoulders above their competitors. The theme was all encompassing, including trade show graphics, advertising, posters, and even mafia themed giveaways like little cement shoes key chains.

Sadly, this idea, though with huge support from the marketing and sales team (hey, who wouldn't want to go to work dressed like a mobster?) upper management went for a more conservative approach (shown at the end).

This is a concept poster for an ill fated museum exhibit at the Kimbell in Fort Worth. The exhibit was art created during the Muslim Jihad of the 800 AD. The exhibit was to focus on the religion, history, and its impact in European art during this period of overwhelming Muslim influence. "They came....conquered" was a concept to promote and decorate the exhibit in a purely typographic context. The limiting factor that generated the concept was budget costs. The curator wanted big ideas/graphics on a miniscule budget. The solution? Print tons and tons of vinyl graphics that we could manually overlay to create great environments throughout the exhibit. Highly cost effective and very flexible, the applications and volunteers to execute it were abundant.

Though this concept was met with great interest, the exhibit never came to the Kimbell and so the project ended there.

The award winning, PD Archer Semi-Truck vinyl graphics design. As discussed, the greatest challenge factor to this design was the failure of the 3rd party vendor to provide graphics with sufficient resolution. In one week I devised and executed a new technique to do what the vendor was unable to do in a little over a month. The final graphics were output semi-sized at a little over 200 dpi for a very crisp and clean image that was rolled around many major cities in the United States.
Don Halcon is an exercise in the design of a very traditional yet robust looking packaging for a tequila company. Involving dark colors, bold lines and ornate swilrs, the true "piece de resistance" was a varnish layer with floral pattern that is to make the product stand out on store shelves.