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    numbered and signed pieces
4 watt
wooden hermann lamp
 “4Watt Wooden Hermann Lamp” installation by Johnny Hermann, alter-ego of designer Mauro Savoldi. The installation comprises 50 lamps in a variety of woods – pine, beech, mahogany, alder and tulip. These unique pieces are all handmade. The interplay of grain and bands of colours give these objects the appearance of ancestral heirlooms. They evoke stone, immovability, the slow accumulation of dust and the inexorable passage of time. Concepts that are, in fact, the antithesis of light. Energy imprisoned in the material. Like a lamp that for decades, with infinite constancy, casts its faint light to create an unthreatening and reassuring cocoon, the “4Watt” installation uses its restrained glow to entrap the magic of an invisible yet unceasing light.