Wooden Popsicle
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    wooden popsicle are signed and numbered pieces
Wooden Popsicle
Johnny Hermann
Johnny Hermann is the alter-ego of the craftsman and designer Mauro Savoldi from Milan.
He re-creates the vibrant, colorful magic of summer ices in objects of minimal design, recalling one of the sweetest and most nostalgic treasures of our past. The original popsicle was invented by an 11-year-old boy in San Francisco in 1905 – and by a strange coincidence it was piece of wood that made the whole story possible! 
Childhood memories and fresh emotions are fused in the shape and materials of these creations. Wood, colours and lines give life to these objects – unusual, rather strange and totally original.
The Wooden popsicles are all unique and all numbered. They are all very beautiful – and entirely useless!
Every series is made up of 150 elements, all unique and numbered.
Johnny Hermann has been chosen by Designboom to join a select group of 35 emerging, self-produced designers from various countries to take part in the exclusive “Designboom Mart 2012” exhibition held in New York at the ICFF furniture fair, next May.
Actualy his pieces “Wooden Popsicles” are shown in the exhibition “”Food Plan. The shape of the taste” at the Mart in Rovereto since 2 june 2013.