Wedding Invitation & paper goods
Quando ho pensato all'invito del mio matrimonio religioso, ho capito che doveva essere ancora più speciale; qualcosa che raccontasse un po' la nostra storia e alcune semplici intenzioni per la nostra nuova vita insieme. Così, ho ideato un breve racconto tipografico di due pagine.
Insieme all'invito sono stati elaborati due biglietti con informazione sull'"bridal shower" e sul ricevimento dopo la cerimonia, così come alcune grafiche cartacee tra cui il segnatavolo, il packaging della torta e un cartello di benvenuto. 

Invitation, reception pass and bridal shower pass.
Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl,
they grew up many kilometers far away from each other, 
they played, laughed, cried; 
they learned a lot of things.
They grew up and became adults.
One day, she went to a land far far away, 
to a Bel Paese where he was waiting for her.  
Now, by the grace of God and the blessing of their parents
Massimo Cossia & Jeanet Tello
are going to join their lives forever and: 
walk hand in hand,
speak "itañol",
dance in the rain,
eat potato and mozzarella,
enjoy the sun,
defy the Atlantic ocean,
overcome difficulties
and never go to sleep upset with each other.
Detail of the embossed logo. The envelope was made with rubbered plike paper (Cordenons).
Single portion packaging for nupcial cake.
Near entrance, it was possible to give best wishes to the newlyweds.