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    Some of the bicycles I restored or made from scratch.
Some of the bicycles I restored or made from scratch.
My last bike, named Cilly, is completely designed and assembled in my shop, except for the professional paint-job. She sports high profile wheels, aluminum gear and a sticker I designed to keep count of how many flat tire she has had. She will be completed with a 3D printed sign with her name on the diagonal tube.
My first bike is a Graziella from the 1970's that belong to my Grandfather. I restored the steel parts, trying to keep the chrome, added MTB wheels and repainted her with a satin black paint. She sports WW2 rifles's holsters and an Air Raid siren as a bell. Her name is Faustina, the Panzerfaust bike.
This beauty is a 1933's Bianchi Sabina. I completely restored her finding original and new parts, restoring every detail and trying to keep as many original parts as possible. She gave me a real hard time (ever tried to work on those pistons brakes?) but she is a real beauty to ride.
On the left another Graziella I found on a scrapyard, restored for my sister. On the right, an experiment for a diagonal tube sign, made of laser-cutted acrylic and heat-bent to fit the tube.