Positioning concept

Green Zoom includes 40 simple and easy-to-implement guidelines, which do not require significant spending at present, yet increase the useful life of a building and its investment potential in the future.

Green Zoom is a one-of-a-kind project in the Russian construction industry, which is why its positioning concept is pragmatic and relies on such advantages of the standard as simple implementation and high return on investment.

At the current stage of market development, energy efficiency of a building in many ways depends on the status and personal reputation of the developer. Use of energy-efficient technologies indicates social responsibility of the company and application of global standards. These additional features act as emotional stimuli, predisposing the client to work with Green Zoom. With this in mind, we began looking for potential directions for the project idea.

Visual identification concept

We expressed the idea of investment efficiency graphically through a signature frame that progressively protrudes from the background, visually closing in on the viewer.

This simple graphical technique resonates well with the name of the standard, allowing us to convey its key advantages. Gradually shifting the frame and changing its scale, we are able to show growth, development, and quantity increase of parameters beneficial for business. The signature frame serves as a metaphor for the approaching future, where the investments return substantial profit.

The simplicity of the frame corresponds with the simplicity and step-by-step nature of the certification process itself. There is no need to implement all 40 solutions at once, it is possible to achieve green construction one step at a time.

The signature frame features across all items bearing Green Zoom brand style. It may include texts, formulas, pictograms, or pictures. It is easy to use and flexible enough to function within the corporate identity. Depending on the content and context, the frame can be adjusted in terms of its proportions, direction, and even angle. The number of intermediary members of the frame can be changed according to the situation, and several frames can link up with one another within a single branded item. All this allows numerous arrangement options.

The color scheme takes from the idea of green construction, which lies not only at the heart of the Green Zoom standard, but in its name as well. Bright, optimistic green indicates social responsibility of the developers. We added an austere black-and-white combination to emphasize the experience and professional competence of the people behind the standard.

Green Zoom identification system is restricted in terms of expressive means, leaving no place for illustrations. If truly necessary, photo images can be used. The only exception is thematic pictograms created using the same contour drawing technique as the key identifier. Images can be used either individually or in combination with the frame.

In the context of neat visual solution, brand typeface serves as the key element of corporate identity. For Green Zoom, we picked a sans-serif typeface based on a familiar font developed by the German Institute for Standardization in 1936. It’s meant to be symbolic: a company dealing with standardization needs a corresponding ’standardized’ typeface.

DIN Text Pro is strictly geometrical, with all its characters somewhat rectangular. It makes the font fit in well with the frame. Moreover, the strict typeface conveys a sense of order and preciseness.

Logo correction

Developing a logo, we faced a serious challenge of adapting the one Green Zoom already had to the new corporate identity, retaining brand awareness at the same time. We kept the overall arrangement and color scheme, removed allusions to radial charts in the ’e’ and ’o’ letters, and put the logo in the signature green frame.

The new version of Green Zoom is aimed at new construction. However, new wordings of the standard have already been planned for the existing municipal institutions (schools, hospitals, kindergartens), territories for comprehensive development, and industrial parks. For these cases, we developed a color coding scheme and additional logos.

Book of the standard

We created two books containing all information on the Green Zoom system. One of them is a gift edition that can be offered to potential customers in order to get them interested in the advantages of certification according to the eco standard. A hard cover makes the book look more solid.

The other book is a working paper for those who are already familiar with the Green Zoom standard and use it on a day-to-day basis. The book is basically an A4 pamphlet, so it can be easily printed and bound.

Information materials are arranged on a multi-column modular grid. Large headers combined with a lot of free space and blocks shifting from each other horizontally make the layout look mathematically impressive. The signature frame helps highlight key information points.

Diplomas and certificate

Implementation of the Green Zoom standard in a development project is confirmed with a diploma at the stage of construction, and a certificate after commissioning. Depending on the number of implemented guidelines, the building is awarded a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum Green Zoom certificate.

Website and promo video

Our colleague from the Nimax agency developed a promo website, which incorporates the idea of the scalable signature frame in its design and layout. They wrote a script for the video they also produced, where experts and developers talk about the implementation of the Green Zoom standard.

Green Zoom

Green Zoom

Green Zoom is a building energy efficiency standard developed by the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers. The standard is based on Read More


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