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In our design class we were assigned the task to design the interface for an iPhone app that we had created. We were assigned the task of creating and designing an application focused on food. Also, it was meant to be based in Grand Rapids. We came up with the idea of an app that is similar to Foursquare, in the sense that you check in places and receive points. We wanted to make it more RPG-centric though. 

With FoodQuest, you check into restaurants around Grand Rapids. You are rewarded points for each check-in. The amount of points is based on factors such as first visits, expanding your horizons by trying a new genre of restaurant, going to high-rated locations (based on user polls), trying the best scored entree of the month, etc. Points act like experience points in any RPG, where once you get enough points, you level up. With leveling up comes rewards. These rewards include coupons, free items, experience boosters, etc.