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ABOOD — Restaurant Branding
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016 Semifinalist—Commercial - Print/Graphic/Illustration
Abood is a modern, fine dining Persian restaurant whose visual brand is influenced by Art Deco’s symmetry, bold curves, strong vertical lines, and geometric shapes. The concept behind Abood’s brand identity is inspired by the comfort and warmth of home. Iconography surrounding the theme of shelter and respite—a tufted armchair, a gilded birdcage, and a gramophone—echo the brand’s relaxed and calm personality. The antique gold key and door latch capture the essence of elegance, limited access, and privacy. A hot cup of tea denotes the notion tranquility and warmth. 

The restaurant’s name is derived from the word "bood"—an essential word found in the Farsi phrase “Yeki Bood, Yeki Nabood”. Translating to “once upon a time”, this clause serves as the opening line in most Persian fairy tales and pays an homage to the client’s heritage and passion for Persian literature. Additionally, it is a word play on the term “abode”, which reiterates the concept of home and comfort.
Environmental Posters
Takeout Container with Belly Band
Takeout Bags
Product Tags
Retail Products—Tea Cannisters
Direct Mail Pop-Up Card with Detachable Gramophone Coupon
ABOOD — Restaurant Branding

ABOOD — Restaurant Branding

The objective of this project was to create a branding identity for a fictional Persian restaurant and client, Laleh Abbasi. The design process b Read More