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    A greeting card with envelope mockup - free for personal and commercial use!
Did you come in just to find out the punchline? It'll be in here.
Here's a free mockup of a greeting card with envelope. Both are created from photographs, so there are some authentic little wrinkles and paper tufts and such on there. Both items are separate and rotatable, and the envelope color can be changed through the color overlay. Two backgrounds are included, but of course, you could always throw your own in there too!
And as always, this is free for both personal and commercial use. Go nuts!
Fonts used: Birthday card: Skrawk Serif / Wedding Card: Ludicrous (both mine, both free for personal and commercial use!)

All right, I've made you wait long enough. The birthday punchline is: "People get them, but they lie about it."

That's from my husband's old stand-up comedy act. He hasn't used it for over 10 years (he's a novelist now), so I figure he wouldn't mind if I used it here. (And if you like humorous sci-fi, check him out! He's Scott Meyer, and here's his Amazon page.)

(Google Drive, ZIP file, 13 MB)

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