DSGN – Li. Follow.
DSGN is a design magazine for the younger creative mind. Don’t think of this magazine as a formal textbook, think of it as inspiration to guide you on your quest for the perfect design career. There are three categories in order for it to make it easier for you to find what you want; Live, Learn and Follow.

Live is all about how to help you live your life creatively. From what design items you just have to have to creative cities across the country, this category will give you suggestions to keep your life always inspired.

Learn is here to teach you. Don’t worry, it’s not like school, it’s interesting. We teach you how to organize your studio, ace your presentation and how to become a business professional.

Follow is our way to show you who to keep your eye out for in the design world in order to stay inspired. We feature different designers that are meant to inspire, teach, and show you where you can go with your career.
Each member of the design team was instructed to create a 2 page department, a 8 page feature story, two 1-2 page advertisments as well as work together to create the table of contents, contributors page etc. etc.  Here are shots of my contributions to the magazine:
 In addition to the magazine, the group was also tasked with creating a "style guide" in which we outline the visual elements and techniques used in our magazine in order to make recreation of the magazine easy for other parties and to ensure the maintenance of the DSGN brand and visual aesthetic.
Here are links to my team mates'  behance portfolios!! (Just click their names)