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Packaging design for the blind

Industrial Design
Spice packaging for the blind and for the people with intact vision

This was my last college project. I decided to design spice packaging which was in the first place for the blind people. I interviewed few of them and found out that their disability does not keep them away from the every day cooking. Their ways of differentiating spices were various but few guidelines were obvious and crucial for the future design

Shape differences 
Shape and form are very important. They are  very sensitive to varieties of shapes and can detect even slight differences.

Is as important as shape.

Braille letter
They make their own labels with braille letter.
It's the easiest and most logical way to deifference the spice packaging.

Spacial orientation
Spice jars musn't be limited to only a one part of the area like only the draw or only a shelf. It must be able to be moved or kept anywhere in the working area.

Spices can be divided into 2 groups- mediterranean and oriental. So i decided to have two different form of packaging for these two groups plus salt and pepper group . Salt and pepper have the same shape but different texture.  Together they make yin yanghis form. Plus every spice has its name made in braille on adequate place so there can be no conffusion over which spice is in which package.

This project havent been tested with the blind people so It's still a conceptual work. I only had 2,5 months for this project so I havent had enough time for more quality results or for final testing. My plan is to keep working on it, I think it gots a lot of space for improvement.

Braille letter incorporated into products graphics

I personaly find braille letter as a interesting graphic symbol. I dont see why it cant be integrated into a graphic of product's design or even stand alone as a graphic symbol. For as it will be just a visual stimulation and for the blind people is one less thing to deal with in every day life. Hopefully this approach towards graphic design would increase our awarnes for the people with disabilities.
Packaging design for the blind

Packaging design for the blind