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Integrated campaigns
Integrated Campaigns
A few samples of integrated campaigns that include traditional media, digital and experiential work.
Taos Ski Valley is a world-class, privately owned ski resort. Unlike other mega-resorts, people don't come to Taos for the glitz or glamour. They come to connect with the mountain, and to reconnect with their spirits. "The Purification" was an integration promotion using traditional media, social media, experiential and guerilla tactics to enlist the help of the Taos loyalist skier while attracting purists to the most unique mountain in North America.
Dion’s is a pizza restaurant chain in New Mexico and Texas that had sustained successful growth until recently. To continue to grow they realized they needed a story that connected with people that were unfamiliar with what makes Dion's special. After launching this campaign, they're growing better than ever.
Buying window blinds at big retail stores means you have to deal with someone who knows a little about everything and a lot about nothing. In other words, a Jack-of-all-trades. This campaign gives the customer's point of view in showing why they prefer to use the experts at
When James Hardie was introduced to the US market in 1994builders refused to use fiber cement siding because of the difficulty of installation. Suppliers refused to buy it without discounts. It was a commodity without brand preference. By creating a brand we introduced the idea of siding being a part of the design and safety of a home. Consumers began asking builders to use James Hardie. Demand created leverage.

In a few short years this “pull-through” strategy created demand that forced builders and suppliers to buy James Hardie. Now it’s the most used, most preferred brand of siding in America. In fact, it’s one of the top three home-related brands. The best part is that sales grew from 150 million board feet in 1994 to 1.8 billion board feet in 2004.
Headline: Email has replaced letters. TV has replaced conversation. But there will never be a replacement for home.
Wilderness Athlete makes nutritional supplements that are specially formulated for outdoor enthusiasts (hunters, hikers, explorers). These are people who want to go beyond where most dare go and stay there longer. As inspiration to push themselves even further, to a place called "The Far Out." A land where legends are real.
Until a child is sick, a parent pays little attention to which hospital they should rely upon. St. Louis Children's Hospital is a world leader in children's medicine. They asked us to develop a way to more fully communicate why sick children from all over the world are brought there to be healed. The answer can be summed up in one word: Knowing.
"Caught-betweens" describes young teens who are caught between the decision to smoke or not to smoke. The New Mexico Department of Health needed to show these teens you could be a non-smoker and still be hip. We called it "Showing Your No." The campaign showed that saying no to tobacco could be a very fun thing to do. As much fun as making their own music video–which thousands of teens did to hip-hop, rock and dance music. The site let kids compete head-to-head with friends. Local radio stations got involved and gave away iPads and other prizes to winners. Research showed an amazing awareness and understanding of the campaign's health message.
Presbyterian, the largest Health Services Company in New Mexico, is a 100+ year-old company with altruistic roots. The soul of the company is based on its founders’ example of selfless care.

Elements of a new branding effort were introduced with an unprecedented media plan of five-second TV spots that called “blinks.” During the first weeks of the blinks’ running several viral activities occurred, including street teams who spread across the city of Albuquerque doing good deeds to make people feel better.
The campaign revealed Presbyterian as the sponsor approximately one month after the blinks began, when an anthem TV spot aired.

Eleven months after the launch of the f:b campaign a best service survey was completed that indicated Presbyterian was viewed as dramatically superior to its competition.