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    The Humanities. The ABC of Humankind Art Direction Developed at Scholz & Friends 2007 - 2008
The Humanities.
The ABC of Humankind.
In Germany, the focus in 2007 was on the Humanities. Our mission: to make the abstract “Year of the Humanities” as visible as possible in public spaces.

The idea: the alphabet. Gigantic letters were attached to highly symbolic locations – with an artistic dimension. For instance, in front of the Bundeskanzleramt, a „D“ stands for democracy. Special feature: The sections only combine to form a letter when the viewer is at the right vantage point. The result was Germany’s largest alphabet – architecture and design made the Humanities visible.
The letter installations exert their effect as the Humanities do: you have to change perspective.
The “D” symbolises the concept of democracy at the Bundeskanzleramt.
The “Q” for quality stands in front of the glass factory in Dresden.
You can see the letters only from the right vantage point.
The "E" for Europe stands in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin.

The "E" from a different angle.
The "V" for "Vorausdenker" (advanced thinker) at the Humboldt University in Berlin.
The "V" seen from a different angle.
The ABC of Humankind swiftly became a magnet that attracted the public, and was photographed hundreds of thousands of times.
Making of: Special projectors were used to shine giant letters onto symbolic buildings.
Façade climbers stuckspecialised foil over the letter shapes, thus creating Germany’s biggest ABC.
Cannes - Silver
ADC Germany - 3 x Silver
Clio awards - Silver
D&AD - 2 x in Book
Eurobest -Shortlist
iF Communication Design Award
New York Festivals - 1 x Silver, 1 x Bronze
One Show - Bronze
Red Dot Communication Design - Grand Prix, Best of the Best
TDC - Award for Typographic Excellence

Title: The Humanities. The ABC of Humankind
Client: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Agency: Scholz & Friends Identify
Creative Direction : Wolf Schneider, Tobias Wolff
Art Direction: Gito Lima, Olivier Nowak, Nicole Algieri, Juergen Krugsperger, Jinhi Kim,
Architects: Tobias Wolff, Christian Rühe
Coypwriter: Hans Selge, Christof Biggeleben, Philipp Mehne, Mirko Derpmann
Account Manager: Penelope Winterhager, Bettina Prange
Photographer: Sebastian Greuner
Light Installation: Skudi Optics, Daniel Margraf
Facade Climbers: Nawrocki Alpin, Holger Nawrocki