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    Coffee Table Book: The night in the life of a dream maker
The Dream Book
Night in the life of a dream maker
For this project we had make a coffeetable book. My concept: The nightin the life of a dream maker. The dream maker is an agent working for the DreamInc. Company. He works during the REM stage of sleep – when brain activity ishigh. At times, dreams may occur during the other stages of sleep. But it’sduring the REM stage, that dreams are far more vivid and memorable than duringthe other stages. All of hisdreams consist of symbols; each of these symbols has a different meaning. Themeanings can’t be ignored, because it can be seen as warnings.

The smaller book, tells the story ofthe Dream Inc. Company and explains the work of the Dream maker. The biggerbook made out of perspex, contains all the dreams of the Dream maker. Thereason for the use of perspex, is for the dreams to look contained and sealed.