Restaurant Menu
Design a visual menu, including a logo to the seafood restaurant chain Hummer (means lobster in norwegian). A hotel chain is planning a number of seafood restaurants in some major Norwegian cities. The restaurant concept is specifically designed for people of 25-35 years of age. 

They should primarily serve dishes from the sea, and will also honor the "sea culture" in the various towns to honor life at sea from different historical angles. You must do research and write this text yourself. The menu's visual content can be concerned with the history of fisheries, marine or offshore. The restaurants will initially be established in Tromsø, Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand. The restaurant chain's facilities are located close to the shore, have light and neat premises, and offers high quality inventory. The staff has expertise in nutrition when it comes to fish and shellfish and are proud of their employer. 

You will design one 8-page menu, and it will include your lobster logo, "the city's history" (graphics and brief text) of fisheries, marine or offshore, including to appetizers, seafood, main menu, desserts and a wine list. 
Menu-text, illustrations, and name of the restaurant is given and must be "Hummer". Format, color and typography are free.
The logo must contain the name "Hummer" and the name of your city. They wish to use a illustration of a lobster as a symbol in the logo, wich they want to stylize in its form so that it stands out from the other illustrations. The logo should have two colors + black, and be vector art.
I based my colours on the deep sea, seagreen corals and dark live lobsters (the restaurant will be serving live lobsters on the menu).
Other elements
Map showing the location of Bergen city. I also added the logo "Smak av kysten" (taste of the coast) an organisation working for quality seafood and shorttravelled food.
Photo and text credits.
I removed the text saying "glass, half bottle, one bottle" from the menu, and made these icons instead.
Finished menu
Cover. Back and front.