Elegant Knotted Jewelry

Artdirected cover and interior photography for book. Coordinatedstylist and photographer for the photo shoot. Designed cover art and interior spreads.

Coverdesign features a single necklace with a few different knots used. This helps showcase some of the knots you can learn in the book while letting you focus on just one piece of jewelry instead of being distracted by other pieces. Title treatmentis elegant and soft.  A "knot"embellishment on the sides of the title tie in the overall theme of the book, Maedup, the art of Asian knots.

Interior Photography
Photographywas shot by an in-house photographer and art directed by myself in the studio. Each shot features a piece of jewelry you can create in thebook with step-by-step instructions. All projects in the book are Asian inspired, so I chose to keep the styling colorful, but with a natural element incorporated in most cases. There is lots of stoneware, florals, and textured paper used to keep things soft and elegant.

Interior Photography
The interior spreads incorporate a floral textured background that has been screened back. This background helps tie all the elements together and gives the book an elegant feel and some interest to the overall simple layout.