For this class illustration project I chose mythological creatures. I tried to base all these projects on current trends seen in todays books, movies, and music. I wanted to go back to a classic recreation of these mythological beings. After researching these creatures you can see how they have evolved over time.

All projects were hand drawn and with pencil and marker.
Wolf Man
A human with the ability to transform into a wolf-like creature during a full moon. Only weapons made of pure silver can stop this invincible creature.
The griffin is an ancient mythological creature. This creature is usually depicted guarding or protecting something valuable.
Frankenstein’s Monster
A very tall monster whose ugly appearance made him reject society. He has pale blue skin and is out for revenge against his creator.
Lagoon Monster
An unknown creature who lives deep inside lagoons. It is very dangerous and will act and attack unnoticed.
An aquatic female fish with the body of a human and tail of a fish. These creatures are seen as a bad omen in ancient stories. Attracted sailors which they dragged down to the bottom of the sea.
Grim Reaper
A cloaked skeleton who carries a scythe and hourglass. His job is to guide the lost souls to their afterlife. He is only a messenger, but has the power of death.
A cosmic mythological creature from the book The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovercraft. This creature is known to bring darkness and mass chaos.
Count Orlok
A man who turns into a blood sucking creature at night. Travelers are told not to stay at any castles in Transylvania for fear of Orlok. Orlok keeps hidden and disguised inside the town.