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    Albums made by Elbel
Okaeri project
" Six months have passed since the big earthquake and the reconstruction is far from finished.
We the members of the Tokyo Bookbinding Club together with Sün Evrard, who is also a member of our association, invite you to create and offer hand-bound photo albums to those who recovered family photographies in the mud and ruins after the tsunami.
We named this event the « OKAERI PROJECT ». This means in japanese that the rescued and restored photographies will be returned to their owners. For those who lost almost everything, the value of a retrieved picture is enormous in itself, the fact that it will be put into an album especially made for them means a step towards future, a ray of hope.
Once we received the hand-bound albums, we will organise a series of exhibitions, showing our human and artistic solidarity to the earthquake victims. "
Photograph albums usually have extra layers in the spine area, called guards, which compensate the thickness of the photographs. My idea for this project was to make an ornamental use of these guards by developing them into an attractive pattern. This way, function becomes decoration and vice-versa, and there's no need for a lot more.
I call it "onion album" because of the layering and the way it grows from the center.
Great ! Super !
25 postcards by David Shrigley
The set of postcard was purchased at the David Shrigley show at the Hayward gallery, London
How it works : the postcards are housed in sort of corner-frames ; which are then sewn to one another and to the concertina.
The lettering on the cover (lright) was obtained by cutting out the covering paper, revealing the black board underneath; the box was embossed using flashy red and green foil (left)