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    Editorial Designing - Student Project A special edition book i designed in my 1st year of a 3 year BA(hons) Graphic Designing Degree program.
A Book on Principles of Design
Editorial Designing - Student Project
A special edition book on Principles of Design, following a 'Paper Planes' theme, for an 
editorial designing project.
The book gives a description about each selected principle of design with a photographed example and a brief explanation. The paper planes were made, arranged and photographed
by me to show the design principles in an easy-to-understand way. I included instructions  
and paper blocks for different paper plane designs and models in the book to make it interesting and full of activity. The book also includes a CD with a digital copy of the book 
and paper plane designs to be printed out as pleased.
I designed a case for the book which creates an illusion of a launching rocket, when the book is being taken out of the case.
 The book case and the book seperately.
A page from the book, explaining 'Unity'.
Paper block for a paper plane (helicopter) with instructions to follow.
                          Pattern used on end-papers of the book.