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    Lacoste 12.12, Mexico City 2006.
A project for Lacoste, 2006
Co-created with Manuel Horta
It all began when we bought a L1212 polo shirt at a Lacoste boutique in a mall in Southern Mexico City for almost 1000 pesos. The shirt was photographed.
Later on the sameday, and after a 40-minute drive, we arrived at Pericoapa. This market is famous for selling new and second hand clothing, video games, toys and DVDs, both original and phony. It was there, at the E-57 stand, where we exchanged our green shirt for another one, of the “same brand and model”. This shirt was white and four times cheaper. The saleswoman assured us no one in the whole market had Lacoste polo shirts like hers since they were the real thing: original imported articles; she showed us the buttons and the crocodile. A bit embarrassed, she agreed to the exchange. The shirt was photographed.
After three days, we went back to the mall, to the Lacoste boutique where we had bought the green shirt in the first place. With our ticket and the new white shirt, we explained to the saleswoman that we had changed our minds and that we preferred the polo shirt in tomato. She checked the ticket and made sure that the shirt, supposedly acquired at the boutique, had not been worn. She then proceeded to give us the tomato shirt instead. The last polo shirt was also photographed.