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    Winner of the first prize in the contest "Whirlpool Mexico Design Award 2008" with the theme "next generation of household water appliances".
This project was the 1st prize winner of the "Whirlpool Mexico Design Award 2008" where the theme was to design the "next generation of water appliances".

Kunn is basically a food hygienizer where the user can "wash" fruits, vegetables, leaves and seeds easilly, quick and most important: saving water. Kunn only needs a small amount of water (just enough to cover the food you have already placed in) which at the end of the washing cycle passes through a filter that cleans completely the vital liquid, keeping it in a recipient that gives you the chance of reusing it in the same appliance or in another activity. 

The three images presented here were exposed during the "DesignWeek Monterrey"  congress before being awarded with the first prize over a hundred and ten proyects from many different national design universities.