I was asked by Danijela Krha, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful.Bizarre Magazine to join the  "Aestheticism" Group Exhibition, curated by her, in Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo, Japan in 2016 (4th-23d of April).

I created and submitted two pieces, "Dux" and "Exclusion".

Special thanks to Yoko Taguchi @Vanilla Gallery and Danijela Krha @Beautiful.Bizarre who made this exhibition happen. Cheers!
In this piece I combined sublime and captivating forms into a composition which refers to an ancient, forgotten war relic: a helmet which used to be a historical symbol. I recreated a dreamlike alternative helmet which gives no cues to any real historical period, inviting my eerie-beautiful character to be a part of this relic. By fusing notions in a somewhat absurd but attractive manner, I’m creating an expressive image. The artwork is defined by strong contrast, noisy forms, poetry of fine lines and a warlike red color accent.
With Exclusion I captured the fusion of two different and individual pieces — sculpture and painting. I took an outline of a sculpture in its recognisable form, and used it as a canvas for the composition. But it’s not just a canvas: there’s no strict border between the sculpture and the graphic part itself; it has edges and understatements which invite the viewer's eyes and mind to complete the picture and reveal the unseen. I’m using solid, contrast forms, balancing them with each other to create somber, obscure, mystic, and puzzling image. I’m lead by my subconscious to explore my visions in the real world through an absurd play of enigmatic forms, symbols and tonal balance.
Steps from the process of making the Exclusion
Thank you!

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