Class: Communication design 1
Instructor: Sean Adams
Assignment: Make a book cover with your most secret desire on it.
The assignment was to create a book cover for an autobiographical book titled My Secret Desire. My secret desire (which is now no longer a secret) is to have a sex party. I chose to spin it off in a humorous way using food objects that look like genitalia.
With my first iteration I wanted it to appear classy from a distance. My intent was to draw you in and then change your reaction. I didn't go with this one because it seemed too orderly.
In an attempt to move away from an orderly composition I added color and blew up the grid. After hours of research on sex party etiquette I decided to create a spot light. It would serve as the center of attention that all the other party-goers revolved around. I didn't go with this one because I felt it was a little too graphic and flat.
My solution was find a balance between chaos and order while trying to give the forms energy. I concluded with integrating hand drawn elements and bringing the food to life.
These book covers certainly add a curious spin to the shelf.