Hand Drawn Script
Typography 1
Our assignment was to hand draw a word in script that was at least seven letters long with one descender and one ascender. I chose the word abysmally specifically to describe the fear I was feeling when presented with the task. Upon drawing and during each revision, there was a sense of therapeutic calming. 
The first run through. As you can see there are some rough spots but the overall forms come together quite beautifully.
Here is the next step where we were to add flourishes. It was quite challenging to make controlled ellipses. It took a bit of planning and also some trial and error.
Here is the final piece. It was scanned and brought into illustrator where I was able to straighten out lines and round out the flourishes. I inverted the black to put the word in a more appropriate environment.
Script as an interior decoration.
This script fits beautifully on a shopping bag. The placement of the word in this context creates quite a subversive undertone.
Set along the wall of a fabric store, the script gives it a classically nostalgic feel.