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    Help Bears is an mobile app game where proceeds go toward Coca-Cola and WWF's Arctic Home program to help protect the polar bears natural habitat
Help Bears is an extension of Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Funds "Arctic Home" initiative to protect the majestic polar bears natural habitat thats being threatened by global warming and development. 

In 2011, Coke turned its iconic cans from red to white in honour of the polar bear and the Arctic Home program. The objective of this campaign is to get consumers more involved with the cause by being able to donate directly in a very simple and enjoyable way. The donation would come by downloading the HelpBears app for $.99, with proceeds going entirely and directly to Arctic Home. 

The application is a fun racing game and would be made available directly by scanning the ad through a QR reader. This is a very easy was for people to give donate to charity, while receiving something instantly in return.

Audience: 18-25 year olds, smart phone users with a social conscious
Interior and exterior transit
Point of purchase: fridge sticker
Subway platform screen animation
Help Bears app: a fast paced racing game where the player races against the clock to get the polar bear back to her friends after she's drifted away on a melting patch of ice. Jumping from iceberg to iceberg, obstacles and objects get in the way, with the player having to make decisions on whether or not to pick up and use them- some objects slow the polar bear down while others give her more speed or new abilities.