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    Buying pheromone cologne wasn’t something that just happened a year or two ago
You will get to know the pheromone cologne better when you are reading on the site, http://www.pheromoneauthority.com/best-pheromones/, but there are some interesting facts about pheromones and the pheromone cologne that you might not know about. It is always great to read about the interesting facts about a product, and here is some of the facts about pheromones that might interest you:
The study about pheromones is more than 30 years old
Buying pheromone cologne wasn’t something that just happened a year or two ago. This is research that is undergoing for more than 30 years. There are many aspects about the pheromone and the use of pheromone cologne that are still undergoing and that is still looking for answers.
So, if you are thinking that buying pheromone cologne to attract women is a new thing on the market, you are really wrong. There are many different studies about the pheromone and the effects it might have on women for many years.
Women might be attracted to you because of pheromones, but it doesn’t mean you are compatible
So many men are thinking that if they are using pheromone cologne, that every woman will be attracted to him and that they will find the best soul mates ever. But, this is just a claim, and not a fact.
Women might be drawn to you, if you are wearing the pheromone cologne, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to be compatible with the same beliefs, likes and preferences. There is no guarantee that you will find the right women with this cologne.
Pheromone can improve the mood of women
Not only are women drawn and attracted to pheromone, but the scent can even improve the mood of the women around you. Meaning that you can make women feels different when they are around you. And, this will be something that will make you even more attractive. Women like men that can improve their mood after a hard day at the office.
If you are doing research about pheromone and pheromone cologne, you will realize that there are many facts about the pheromone that is important to know. Especially, if you are planning to start using the pheromone. These facts are interesting to know, and can assist you in the decision if you should try using pheromone cologne, or if this isn’t the cologne for you. You might attract women to you, but you might not find the right women that suit you best with wearing the cologne.