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    Artwork created serving Intrinsic Nature experiment 12
I've got IN!
This is actually my application piece for Intrinsic Nature.
Then i decided to tweak it again and get accepted for IN12 artpacks.

Just wanna create fun scene using variable stock and 3d render,
one of enjoyable artwork to create. But anyway, "I've got IN!"
Good things still come to those who wait. Actually great things. In this case, it’s a digital onslaught of mind-blowing artworks, photography and music, supplied by none other than
Intrinsic Nature’s team of rejuvenated artists.
Featured artist Ma7 headlined the 12th successful experiment with his collection of
seven stunning pieces of digital art.

Notable newcomers include photographer BennyBrand and artists Najeeb, Falk, FabF, Dezhimself, Visio, Ruudios, Ptitvinc and Pezcado. IN12 showcases 73 works of art created by 46 international artists.
So find a comfortable chair, sit back, and let the visual journey of IN12 engulf your brain.

View the Intrinsic Nature Full Release Here
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Comments are really appreciated.

Ruudios, 2012