¿MARINERO?  ¿Sailor?
Álbum ilustrado / illustrated children´s book 

After searching for a period of time,  I decided to resume my dream of illustrating children's books,  for that purpose I restarted my work by recovering an initiative I did with my friend ANGIE a couple of years ago, I recovered and finished a little story book for children called SAILOR "MARINERO.
It is a book, that through funny and detailed illustrations made in clay, tells us a story about a child that wants to become  a sailor.  Inexperienced but with eagerness for adventure he starts by making a trip.  As his journey goes on he meets with fire, earth and water, and realizes that in order to continue he has to go on learning experience while travelling to finally earn the title of SAILOR.   

"You have known,
what others only dream
You were curious and were brave,
You were friendly and were sincere ....
Sailor Your journey  doesn’t finish ,
and has no end , because it is eternal.
While it lasts, beside you we will sing
¡ live our great sailor! ".
Cover illustrated  Artwork