Graduation Thesis: "Social Media and new marketing strategies"
This project refers to the Power Point Presentation I made for my Graduation Thesis. The thesis is called:" Social Media and New Marketing Strategies" and is been introduced to a commission of teachers in the University of Pavia the last 17thj of April 2012. This short presentation helped me to present my work.
Here are some slides taken out from the presentation. Most of the Graphic Design is done with Photoshop CS5. I used Power Point only as container of Photoshop Pages saved out with maximum transparency and PNG 24bit extension.
Title page: Social Media and New Marketing strategies
Is It Really Possible To Make Marketing with Social Media?
The New Marketing plans starts from six main principles: Innovation, Loyalty, Trasparency, Openness, Need satisfaction, Interaction, Listening. They also must consider the new role of Consumers, not anymore only "user" of products but an active player of the Company's Political Communication
The Marketing: Development over time
The Social Media diffusion
Social Media + Marketing = Social Media Marketing. It's a new branch of Marketing. It refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.
Starbucks Case Study