Logo Design Case Study: William Mitchell College of Law
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    Logo design for an on-going series of meetings on legal education at a law college.
Logo Design Case Study: William Mitchell College of Law
The following images illustrate the design process for a logo for William Mitchell College of Law. The client desired a logo which communicated the informal, "hands-on", somewhat intimate atmosphere of an ongoing series of meetings dealing with the future of legal education. The process started with elements derived from a literal interpretation of the design brief and then moved into the more abstract before returning to a slightly more formal and somewhat literal conclusion.

Creative Direction: Pamela Belding
Adding an architectural substance to the letterforms which mimic some of the campus architecture.
An abstracted logo process, derived from the hands & gavel design above.
A design deemed too humorous, as well as a misuse of the college logo.
The final logo- an exercise in compromise.