Creatie Magazine - Guest Editor
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Creatie Magazine
Issue 6
For Creatie magazines sixth issue, Nalden was asked to be guest-editor-in-chief together with Momkai´s Harald Dunnink. Momkai put the magazine together. Apologies to all international visitors, as it is all in Dutch. At least you are able to look at the illustrations by Momkai and the great photography by Ilja Meefout and Daniel J. Ashes.

If you are not able to get the physical version, you can see a large version at the special gallery on By zooming in you can read all articles with Philippe Meunier (Sid Lee), Ji Lee (Google Labs), Boris, Cartelle, Shari Swan (Streative), Damian Bradfield (JWT-International), Werner Vogels (Amazon), FS Green, Nalden, and Momkai. And, of course, thank anyou to Ancilla Tillia for shining on the cover!

Design of a fictional book
'Nalden meets' interviews
Photos of the magazine
Presentation of the magazine