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    Hand made artist book featuring etching, letterpress, and mixed media. Inspired by a journey to Venice, Italy.
I made this work in the summer of 2011 in Venice, Italy. Although I am not religious, I was especially drawn to the beauty of the churches that found a home in nearly every square, or campo, around the city. The memories of a failed relationship had also followed me on my journey; at times it was overwhelming. For me, this work was both an exploration of new printmaking techniques and a way to think about how I imagined my loved ones. That is, although individuals are subject to time and change, I tend to encapsulate them, and think of them in a singular way. It struck me that the reliquaries venerated in many of the churches I saw were similar. Regardless of their status as holy objects, they were treasured remains of someone who was long dead. They are no longer the person they once were. It seems futile to hold onto a static memory or image of someone when they are constantly changing and evolving. This is my reliquary. Maybe I can begin to put some things to rest. 
Hand colored prints made from aluminum and copper etched plates (one original plate featured on box lid)
Letterpressed pages including text from "Invisible Cities" by Italo Calvino
Mixed media includes collaged Italian religious texts