After a successful relaunch on Automail, QuantumDigital took the next step to introduce Automail Plus. It's a 12-month direct mail campaign that real estate agents can easily set up to send out automatically each month. The Automail+ includes a section on the postcard that generates Listing Leads for real estate agents. 

I was asked to design something related to seasons and/or nature. I had to put on a "thinking cap" to figure out what I can come up with. After some researching online, I finally came up with the idea of developing a series on plants that will grow in most zones across America. I collected all the names of plants that grow from zones 3 to 9+ for each season.
It is viable that this series contains useful "curb appeal" tips to nearly all real estate agents across America when sending the postcard in their area. From that point, the concept was born to create "Seasonal Beauty" series. 

I created typographical designs of the headlines: "Autumn (Spring, Summer, Winter)  Beauty For Your Home" and added a brief description of the plant shown on the postcard. My team and I worked hard on perfecting the copy on all the postcards after making several changes to the copy. In addition, our Marketing Dept. requested I create a peel at the top corner (encouraging the recipient to flip the card). I worked with them to approve the design layout for the section on the back as seen below.
Shown above is an Autumn Beauty postcard with closeup of the details on both sides. Note that I've repeated the photo of the plant as a background at an enlarged size in beautiful soft details. The section allows agents to receive listing leads (see video below) from recipients they mailed the postcard to. 

Below are three of my favorite postcards out of all 12 cards I created. They all have consistent layouts with different photo, information, and assigned color for each season. 
Below is the web page at QuantumDigital that shows the selected Seasonal Beauty series under Automail Plus. You can see how that postcard can be checked or unchecked for that month. Great feature!
Our Marketing Dept. at QuantumDigital created this video that showcases all the Automail Plus series I've created. You can see all three of my Automail+ series shown at 0:40. Great video! 
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