The new adventure behind premium banking


As a global brand, HSBC attracts many wealthy clients who would like to benefit from the services of such an international bank. In truth however, not enough HSBC Premier clients utilised the bank or the opportunities offered, often preferring to use local banks who took a more active role and with whom the client had a more personal relationship. To address this, HSBC asked Royalties to create the fundamental elements of a new programme through branding, communications, digital, partnerships and PR, with the aim of revitalising the relationship between the bank and its clients.  

We therefore created an exciting brand that is unique, yet rooted in the heritage of its master brand. 
Since its creation, HSBC has celebrated the exchange of goods and ideas between East and West, which we used as our inspiration. To reflect the interest in Eastern culture, we chose to use the Chinese “Yù” character that symbolises Jade – the gemstone highly prized by Chinese culture – as the programme’s symbol. We combined the symbol with Latin letters in the logotype to create a remarkable fusion between name and design. In addition to the symbol and the logo, we also created a distinctive visual style and graphic system that reflects the premium aspect of the brand.