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    Rebranding / Packaging label design

Branding & Product Design
Vilnius, LT / Bedford, UK
My name is Ingrida and I am an Independent Designer working from Vilnius, LT / Bedford, UK, collaborating with people and companies from all around the globe.
I specialize in Logo/Brand Identity and product design and have a great passion for 3D modeling and design, sides of my work that constantly blend and influence each other to give every project unique accents and distinctive personality. 

The prime intention behind the rebrand process was less about the individual and more about creating a visual condensation of the style and distinctive features found in this work.
Thus, typography met geometric design in a monogram that communicates both stability (through its consistent weight and angles) and unconventional thinking (by its glitched, interrupted flow).
The color palette was chosen to complement and bolster the mark, with a classic neutral combination of green and light grays that is intensified by white background.