"Wall Walk" presentation for ExxonMobil global creative AOR consolidation pitch meeting
During ExxonMobil's global creative consolidation review last year, the second set of meetings they asked for were a series of workshop meetings for each line of business (LOB) that was in review. This meant three separate meetings that were three to four hours each designed to explain where the strategy and creative teams on each LOB were at that point and have the client participate in the thinking.

I worked with each of the individual LOB teams to help form their narratives and story flows and then - with just two days from the time the teams turned over their content to the first meeting - I designed over 500 individual pieces in total with the aid of a production designer.

The great aspect of handling a workshop presentation in this way is that you are able to use media size and placement to help tell your story, while including additional details that people may take advantage of if the conversation goes there. Items are sized according to their priority in telling the story.