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    A series of selfies for a set of business cards that used myself in various guises.
Gentlemen Adventurers

One day while in San Rafael, I looked across the street at The Belrose Performing Arts Center and I had an idea. Surrounded by over 3,000 costumes and a multitude of props I dived into a new self promotional project by taking selfies. Having art directed photo shoots many times before I got all 10 personas done in two 3 hour sessions.
Each character took about 100 shots to get right with constant checking for light and angle as well as getting in character to find the right pose for each persona. Once back on the laptop I culled them down to two or three.
Next I would take my final selection into Photoshop to convert to black/white and alter the brightness/contrast. For the priest I added some shade to the background in order to bring out the bible (actually a diary).
I was much more prepared for the second session and finished the 10 Gentlemen Adventurers: the Explorer, the Soviet, the Knight, the Priest, the Mummy, the Pirate, the Sailor, the Viking, the Bandit and the Aviator.
For two weeks I uploaded a new persona onto Facebook with a suitable cover photo.