Piknic Electronik is an all-day electronic music festival celebrated in a Montreal urban park every Sunday throughout the entire summer. The event, which features some of the biggest international DJs in an outdoor setting, has a more easygoing, family-friendly vibe than other similar festivals. For the 2016 campaign, we created a series of clean, strong visuals using various exotic fruits. Playing with the name of the event by combining picnic fruit and electronic DJ equipment in bright, surprising colours. Images were created by photographing real objects that were hand-painted in different colours. The campaign is displayed primarily in the subway here in Montreal, but also appears in Barcelona, Lisbon, Dubai, Melbourne and Santiago de Chile.

Client: Piknic Electronik
Concept, Copywriting and Art Direction: Rachel Lecompte and Gabriel Lefebvre (ethos)
Photography: Virginie Gosselin (Zetä Production)
Retouching: Lucas Bayzelon (Visual Box)
Production: Steve Desmarais
Painter: Marianne Stratis

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