• Societats Virtuals/Gamer's Edition
    Exhibition Catalog
  • Softcover Book 17 x 24 cm, 96 Pages, Black/White/Full Color
    Bilingual Edition: Catalan/English

    Author: Ricard Mas
    For Arts Santa Mónica, Barcelona
    Publisher: Actar Publishers, Barcelona
    Layout and Design: Andreas Hidber

    This is the result of the research and a series of updates and selections by the art critic, Ricard Mas, constructed at the historic crossroads between sources and narrative innovation in video games. He portrays a cultural transformation, from a screen projected for a single reader to a shared creation online to massively consumed role-playing games. This technoscientific jump, led by physics, has fully influenced artistic visual approach and new fiction in two ways: in games of great complexity connected to an individual brain, and in games that build a social brain online.