Sherwin-Williams Rebrand
This was the first time I have ever been able to work on a complete campaign all the way through. I started with the brand brief and massive research into Sherwin-Williams so I could gain better knowledge of them as a company. In my research, I found that they are very passionate about both the quality of their product and the quality of their customer service. 
The current Sherwin-Williams logo, I feel, doesn't really portray these two aspects very well. With my new branding, I intended to bring forward how long lasting they are as a company as well as their long lasting products. 
This is the original Sherwin-Williams company logo. Through the vast amounts of research I did into this company, I found that they haven't changed their logo since 1905. There was a brief time in the 70's where they just used the word mark but other than that, the 'Cover the Earth' logo has been the face of Sherwin-Williams.
These are a few of my original sketches. I tried to play with going more towards the eco-friendly side of Sherwin-Williams but I wasn't quite satisfied with what I was coming up with.
From my above sketches, I vectorized a few and added color. Again, I wasn't to thrilled with any one in particular. I liked where the plaque (bottom left) was going but I found it looked like a bakery and thought that the shape was going to far into the vintage side of things. When I refined these down further I didn't worked on that one in particular because of these reasons.
These are my refined vector sketches. Still, I was really thrilled with any of them. I looked back at my initial vector sketches, and found I liked where I was going with the bottom left, plaque idea but felt I needed to find a better shape, colors, and font. Back to the drawing board!
I did like the look of the plaque so I researched further into different styles of plaques and how they have been integrated into logos. I finally found one that I halfway like, tweaked it, and came up with this final shape.

After finding the shape, I next set on finding the proper typeface. The style of the plaque and the overall look I wanted for the new logo showed me that whatever font I choose needed to have a touch of vintage flair to it. I went through my throng of fonts, narrowing my list down until I settled on Nueva Std. It has a hint of vintage but it isn't so overwhelming where it's shoving the vintage in viewers face.

Next was finding the proper colors. I love color. Adding color can dramatically change the feel of a logo or design. With this project in particular, it took me quite awhile to find a good combination of colors that fit with the feeling I was going for as you can see above with my color study.

I finally set on my final colors and the final shape but tweaked the actual color of the logo and the line detail underneath. 
This is my redesigned logo for the Sherwin-Williams paint company. I choose this style because Sherwin-Williams has been around so long, since 1866, and I wanted them to be able to show that to their customers.
This is the Brand Book based off of my new branding.
This is Sherwin Willams' Corporate Social Responsiblity Book, showing their impacts on both the company, the environment and local business place. 
This is an example of what a store front would look like using the new branding material. On the left is a sale poster, on the right is the new company logo and above the logo is the new tagline 'Color that lasts.' etched into the glass.
This would be the new polo shirt that the employees would wear in the stores. The polo collar gives a more professional feeling then just a plain t-shirt.
These are a few examples of color swatches. They could be placed on a key ring as well as given to customers so they can take them home.
This is the front and back of a mailer that would be sent out to customers. The front features a picture of a birdhouse that was made in 1942 and how the paint still looks amazing, going along with the new Sherwin-Williams tagline, 'Color that lasts.'
This is a simple billboard with the logo, line element and the new tagline 'Color that lasts.'
This would be one page of the new website design. The dark navy blue would be the main background color and the content contained by the light oatmeal color. A simple but effective layout.