• Monsieur Appert
  • Monsieur Appert, a preserved fruit and vegetables business with a French spirit that works with the tradition of the natural method and pays homage to the figure of the cook who has discovered the formula for preserving food: Nicolas Appert.
    Our shop produces fresh canned fruits and vegetables but keeping the traditional methods, acting friendly with environment. Provides a set of refill bottles that are filled at choice and encourages reuse of resources.
    Empty bottles are purchased at the store and are available in three standard sizes. The clients can fill them with any vegetable or fruit canned in our menu.
    Both bottles are aquieren in the store where our customers can bring and reuse there own are customized by stickers and wrapping paper to give them our identity.
    The brand also developed a series of packs already packed with their best recipes for canned fruits and vegetables.

    Diogo Nascimento & Mariano Pascual
    the dieline