AutoHaus Mobile
by MaxHaus
First version interface re-design of iOS Mobile WebApp AutoHaus. It's used to control everything in your house, even when you are away from it. An updated version with more controls and interface design will be posted soon.

This app is used by all MaxHaus [Real Estate Company] clients that have ordered the AutoHaus to control their apartments. 
3D video demo of App - by NeoRama
First step - Organize and sketch everything. Icons, IA, ideas, etc.
Prototype Everything in Axure.
Aplication Icon - Done into Blender 3D + Photoshop
Light control
Curtains control
Control everything, even when you are otherelse place with CAMERA. See what's happening in your home realtime, anywhere.
Real KEY for the apartment. Looks like a CAR ALARM remote. You can see more here
How to control many air conditioners inside the house? I've put them all toguether in one place.
Air conditioner controller  - Off state
Air conditioner controller - Turned ON. This was converted into "Apple Like" interface to be more user friendly.