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    Packaging, Corporate Identity & Branding for Heartfelt. Making products out of felt material.
Felt form the heart
Marthga Lesoalo stared the Heartfelt project with JulieHadley after her son, Emmanuel died in prison wrongly accused and sadly abused.After stealing what little money Martha had and promising to get Emmanuel outof prison, the corrupt lawyer left her broken hearted. With no husband to dependon, no job opportunities – Martha did what came naturally to her – she found away to survive. The Heartfelt project is her story. It’s about the lives of thewomen and families in her community, in a little place called Makapanstad.Together Martha and Julie started creating and designing Heartfelt products,using traditional craft skills, felt and beads. Today they are sold withinSouth Africa and internationally.

The brief consisted of a new logo,minimum five packages, in store promotion, letterhead, envelope, business card,gift cards, donation card, corporate folder and brochure. I was so moved by the story and thedeeper meaning behind heartfelt, that I made exactly that my concept.Throughout the project the meaning of words is used as design elements. Thepattern consists out of symbols within the Heartfelt story and culture. As partof the reader becoming part of the story, words are translated into Zulu, Twanaand Sesotho, so that it can be learned. Further more, the meaning of every lady’s name, are also used throughout the design. Thus connecting the consumer withHeartfelt though the corporate identity and packaging.
Corporate folder
Point of Sale - Display stand
Flat design of package
Flat design of Angel packaging