Create an exciting brand experience through interactive design that will remind existing customers about what a fun, unique brand Two Girls is.
As it's an old brand, Two Girls is considered a dying brand. Young girls don't really want to be part of a brand that's so old and grown up. But we wanted to change that. Two Girls is still a brand that's young at heart, hence growing up doesn't mean growing old. 

We decided to revamp the image of the brand by creating a logo for the campaign: Two Girls Grow Young
(1) Two Girls audience will receive an HTML5 interactive e-mail in order to connect better with their current database.
(2) The e-mail will introduce them to who the Two Girls are and what the e-mail is about with a friendly, fun and vintage UI
(3) They will be shown a poster of Two Girls saying that they can customise it with a photo of themself.

Users will be asked to forward it to their best friends to complete the poster. They can also push their social media pages by having one-click like/follow buttons. 
This interaction will highlight the brand values of Two Girls, i.e. to stay young and just have fun