Straight UpVector Based Font
This is a vector based font design with a focus on editorial design, urban and fashion. This font is designed to be capble of filling a lot of space while keeping the focus on the main subject. This gives your edit work a big specific boost without overpowering the overall look. On the other hand it can be used as main thing in the edit work. This is ideal for typographic based designs.

The inspiration words for this font was outer space, the 50's, urban and fashion. Every letter and symbol is made with straight lines. This to make the overall look classy while having a little feel of outer space.

It was important to keep the open feel. On the other hand it needed to be very adjustable. When the inner side is filled up it gives it an urban twist. When the lines are very thin it has a fashionable style. All this makes it able for edit work to pick one typo and use it on a wide variety of work. 

Straight Up Font : 2012 Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Designed and Developed by Studio T i i i m.
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