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    Blueprints for a vehicle recovery company
Blueprints Direct Mailer
In many hijackings in South Africa, a driver or passenger is taken along with the car. And in manyinstances, Tracker actually recovers a vehicle with a person or even a pet still in it, thereby savingthem from a potentially fatal situation. So, when you get a Tracker, you not only protect your car,but also yourself and your family.

Based on this insight, we created a series of posters which targeted insurance sales teams,Tracker’s largest sales avenue.

Packaged in typical poster tubes, recipients received what looked like blueprints. The blueprints,however, weren’t of cars, but of loved ones. Three different, unique blueprints were created –one of a young mother, one of a baby and one of a family dog. By showing the unique individualtraits of each loved one, we sent out the following message: Cars can be replaced. Family can’t.So, protect yourself and your family with Tracker.
To ensure maximum authenticity, we used an old printing technique originally used for the productionof blueprints. With this technique, a litho positive of an image is put into a contact frame along withblack-fast, blue-line paper. The paper is then exposed to light and put through an ammonia machinefor the imageto develop.

*Work done at Joe Public