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    Senior project for graduation
Senior Show
I never thought for a moment that I would ever be writing an artist statement. I swore I would be sitting on the stage playing in a symphony orchestra or trying out for the pit orchestra on broadway. Art, is art, is art, however. Whether playing a musical instrument or painting a picture, the goal is to take something difficult and make it look easy; overly simplified.

Minimalism is my home turf. It is the ultimate form of expression of complex ideas through overly simplified compositions. Less is more. Although highly cliché, it's extremely accurate and a perfect portrayal of my goals in art.

The world is beautiful. The world is small. The human mind, inversely, is so large and incomprehensible. Ironically, the complexity of the human mind makes up the world through traits and qualities. Asians are no different from Europeans as they are Africans. Yet the cultures each speak for themselves. Foods, languages, family structure...all critical to the blueprint of a culture. All so different as you travel the seemingly endless yet tiny world.

A blue ocean represents endlessness. A cloud represents the cycle of life. An eyeball represents millions of things...joy, peace, sorrow, love, hope, fear...it all lies in the endless detail of the human being and the soul and spirit which lie within. My hope is to take exactly that and make translate it...to dictate it.

Less is more.

There is more than what meets the eye.

 Each piece has a main black focal...Keep in mind...this will be removed. I will be hanging these pieces on plexiglass and suspending them in the center of a room. 

within each piece there is a color that is also found in the next piece in a cyclical manner. 

***I will add photos from the show soon!!!

hope you enjoy!