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Museum of Regret
Museum of Regret
Location: Mebourne, Australia
Museum of Regret aims to express that regret, just like any other emotion, is experienced by almost everyone. The museum encompasses all kinds of regret— from the merely ephemeral to the seemingly indelible. It strives to teach the audience to be open about regret and encourages them to share it with one another by participating in entertaining events and fun exhibitions. It also organizes various campaigns that revolve around the theme of regret. The goal of the museum is to help people acknowledge and come to terms with their regrets.
This concept was created as part of the Imaginary Museum project at the Maryland Institute College of Art under the guidance of Ellen Lupton and Jason Matthews Gottlieb. I am extremely thankful to them for their help throughout the course of the project and beyond. I am also thankful to my classmates for their continued feedback and all the lovely people who participated in the video. Lastly, I am thankful to David Crampton and Steven Sfiligoj for letting me use their images in the project.
Logo Concept
The concept for the logo is based on the fact that regret is something that is permanent. One cannot free themselves from their regrets by merely striking it out. The impact, however, can be alleviated by accepting the regrets and learning how to move on.
Typeface and Colours 
Akzidenz-Grotesk Next, Bold and Regular.
(a) The height of the stroke going through the words is always equal to the height of the crossbar of the lowercase ‘e’.
(b) The stroke is responsive in the sense that it can either bleed out of or be inside the frame depending on the context.
Exhibition Posters 
These feature collage-driven iconography combined with the design language of the museum branding.
Museum Spaces
Gallery Space and Environmental Graphics.
Image Credit: Nikola Jelenkovich/
Outdoor Advertising
Application of the design language on the museum signage and Melbourne’s iconic Yarra Trams.
Image Credit: Crampton D+A
Image Credit: Steven Sfiligoj
Safe Sex Campaign 
Posters for the safe sex campaign, one of the initiatives of the Museum of Regret.
Material Application
Packaging for the condoms given out to the visitors for free as part of the safe sex campaign. 

Design for the desktop and mobile versions of the Museum of Regret website.
Thank you for your time
Museum of Regret

Museum of Regret

A concept created for the Imaginary Museum project at the Maryland Institute College of Art.


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