Volcán Festival is the official creativity festival of Costa Rica.
A couple of years ago, it was decided to invite jury from different parts of the World with international recognition to raise the creative standard in the country.

So we invited the advertising agencies of Central America to start the festival season at Volcán 2016, a festival that for its quality, sets a parameter for the rest of the year.

To make this statement clear, we created a path around the cities of the main advertising festivals, making reference to the icons and statuettes of each.

All the elements you can appreciate in this Wold, were created with metallic finishes, resembling a place in which any advertiser with ambition would like to be.

Leo Burnett
Creative Director Jorge Carrera
Art Director: Daniel Flores
Copywriters: Jorge Carrera, Julián Robert & Vernny Argüello

Director: Carlos Redondo
Art Directors: Carlos Redondo & Ariel Arburola
Animator: Juan Apéstegui
Modeling: Juan Apéstegui y Matthew Wallace

La Cabina
Sound Designer: Carlos Aguilar
Music: Carlos Aguilar

CLIENT: Comunidad de Empresas de Comunicación
Festival Volcán 2016