Szewska Street Gallery is renowned for having a courage for presenting very different art forms. When we were asked to prepare set of sixteen typographical posters for the gallery, we already knew we wanted to make it play with the location. Both of us (Marta Przeciszewska and Maciej Kodzis) were already involved in some other "typo-activist" projects such as Typographical Reasearch of City of Katowice, so we had our heads focused mostly on the vernacular typography at that time. 
We started our photo-research with the Szewska Street itself, then we were moving to the neighborhoods in search of some nice, unusual letterforms. With the memory cards full, we started to vectorize the shapes – it was mostly by hand, we didn't want to have any post-tracing artifacts. We prepared 300+ letters from which we started composing the posters. Each title is connected to the history or culture of the Szewska Street – the selection was based on interviews and our own findings, which are described on every poster.